Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More thanks to you all!!!!

I am always humbled when I read someone’s blog and see that they’ve so graciously passed on an Award to me!

This one is awesome!!!


The lovely Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic awarded me with this wonderful award and I am, as I mentioned above, humbled!!

The rules with this award is as follows:

RULES: I'm supposed to name 6 things I'm a master of. After listing my 6 master things I am supposed to choose 6 bloggers that I think are Masters of Blogosphere Friendship.

So, here we go!

1) I consider myself to be a master at having mini-freak outs! Yes, in all this wedding planning that’s been going on, I’ve mastered the concept of freaking out when something is not right…. .even if it’s very minor in nature, I totally freak out.

I don’t have a problem EVER in planning my client’s weddings or events, but when it comes to mine, oh my goodness….. I’ve been freaking out often!

2) I’ve mastered the art of being a Type A personality! I have lists. I have lists for my lists. Yes, I do. I am so anal when it comes to being organized, it’s pathetic!!!


3) I’ve mastered the art of BAKING AND DECORATING awesome cakes! :) I love it!



4) I’m a master of loving my kiddos to the best of my ability! There’s always love for them and I will continue to be the master at this specific thing!!!


5) I’m a master at being getting so caught up in things that I sometimes forget to eat! :) Especially nowadays when I’m consumed with wedding related DIY projects!

6) Last but not least, I’ve pretty much a mastered the art of being the future Mrs. Gile!!

Woo Hoo!!



And this awesome award is being passed on to the following 6 Masters of Blogosphere Friendships:

The wonderful Heather @ Namaste-Heather

The amazing Kallay @ Kallaydoscope

The awesome Megan @ Blackberries to Apples

The inspirational Vivivanne @ Vivianne’s Vista

A fellow planning bride @ Perpetual Party Planner

and last but certainly, not least,

full circle back to…..

The creator and newlywed Lauren @ Salt Says

EACH and EVERY ONE of you have been and are such amazing women who I’ve gained inspiration, strength, ideas, and values from!

Your friendships, albeit through the blogosphere world, means a ton to me! :)

I also received the following award from two readers and I wish to pass it on any of my wonderful followers who enjoy reading my blog!!

I love your blog

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here’s to a great rest of the week!!!


  1. I love all of these - you ARE a master baker!!! So awesome!! ox

  2. I am following you from the MBC


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