Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jumping on the FormSpring Bandwagon!!!

I am officially jumping on the newest craze…FormSpring.

It’s a forum almost like FB or Twitter, where people can ask you random questions.

My 20 year old daughter introduced me to this several months back, but I really didn’t get into it. It seems to be popping up everywhere now.

I got this idea to open questions up to my readers from a fellow blogger ~ Krysten @ After “I Do”

So, I’m going to jump on this new bandwagon and see what kind of questions you all throw out at me!!


Feel free to go to the above mentioned link and ask away!!!

Here’s a clicky link:

FormSpring for Shelli

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. Hello, following you from mommybloggersclub my blog is

  2. I am following you from the MBC


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