Sunday, March 21, 2010


From this post forward, I will be counting down the days until we leave! I will still be counting down our “Mondays” as it is a tradition of sort on one of the Forums (Destination Wedding Board of theKnot).

TWENTY-SEVEN days before we leave for our WONDERFUL cruise! I am so very excited and cannot wait!

This vacation is much needed! I will be on vacation with ALL OF MY THREE KIDDO’s which is going to be a first time in YEARS! With the two older ones being ‘on their own’ per say, you know how it is when you’re in your early 20’s, you’re living life and doing your own thing. Vacationing with mom is the last thing on your agenda!

Brian and I have a TON of things to do before we leave, and I WILL BE working with lists. And lists for my lists!

Today we will be going to our good friends’ house and working in their backyard. We will be having our California reception there in May and am excited! We’ll be planting some beautiful flowers today and just sprucing things up.

Speaking of which… I have to share with you all!!

For the reception here in California, we were approached by an acquaintance of ours who recently started their own local brewery.

They will be donating not one, not two, but THREE Kegs of beer! SWEET! (Although I don’t drink beer.)

Sandude Brewery Company

The Brewery is called “Sandude Brewery Company” and they’ve been Federally Licensed, and will be receiving their State License in about two weeks. They’ve landed about 4 local restaurants where they will have three of their brews on tap! How freaking exciting is that?!?

Sandude Brewery Taps

We attended an “Open House” type of Beer Tasting event at their brewery last night and Brian was totally impressed with their beer!

Right now they have a Lager, a Blonde and a Brown. We will be having all three at our reception!! Woo Hoo! That’s a HUGE check off our list, that’s for sure!!!

Have an amazing Sunday!!!


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