Monday, October 19, 2009

T- Minus 184

What a wacko of a week!! I am very glad to say that one of my ladies bought her BM dress, and the other two have ordered it on line and will be getting it shortly! Yay! I still have to get Elyssa's dress though ~ I'm not sure if I'll get the same exact one yet or not. We shall see!

I have a ton of little things I want to get done this week. First and foremost, I want to get our den cleaned up and de-cluttered! I've thrown so much wedding related things in here and it's totally unorganized. So, my goal for the next couple of days is to go through all these boxes of WR stuff and organize it! AHR stuff, Welcome Bags and contents, Ceremony stuff, DIY projects stuff, etc. I work so much better when everything is organized so I'm thinking this is why I've been so discombobulated in my planning!

Here's a list of DIY projects I want to do: (keep in mind said list will only get bigger)

* Tags for the Welcome Bags
* Door Hangers for the Cabins
* Labels for snacks/goodies in the Welcome Bags
* Monogramed Aisle Runner (????)
* Bouts
* Welcome Letter
* Palm Fans (?????)
* Crossword Puzzle for Welcome Bags
* Sand Ceremony Frames

And here's a list from memory that I still have to do: (keep in mind there are a ton of other things I can't seem to remember at this moment)

* Complete Ceremony wording (which I thought I had done, but forgot some important parts)
* Find Ceremony music for our Flutist
* Make appointment to have wedding dress hemmed
* Get menu for both AHR's finalized
* Order my bouquet
* Order BM's bouquets
* Decide on whether or not we're going to have a Candy Buffet for sure and if so:
- Purchase the bowls for the candies
- Decide on what to use for guests to take these home in (ie: take out boxes or bags)
- Decide on what type of candies to have
* If not going with the Candy Buffet, decide on what to have for a Favor
* Decide on whether or not to have B-Pics done
* Get marriage licence (no earlier than January 25th to be on the safe side)

And millions and millions of other things!!! The next 6 months will absolutely fly by!!!


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