Saturday, October 10, 2009

More to share!!

So, I tried to create my Photo Share Cards and Wedding Day Timeline. Clearly I failed. Not that they didn't look good because they did. They just didn't look good enough for me. I requested the help from a fellow DW Knottie and I am so very thankful to her for doing these for me. :) Here is what they look like ~ Please keep in mind that for some reason, the color is off. Where it's "greenish" it's actually a Caribbean Blue color and the "pinkish/purple" is actually a Fushia color.

And here's a picture of the Wedding Day Timeline. Again, the color's are off here as well.

I am extremely pleased at how these turned out!

These will both be put in the Welcome Bags for our guests that are cruising with us. And additional PhotoShare Cards will be placed at various tables throughout both of the At Home Receptions.

I seem to have finally grasp control on this wedding stuff. I'd been feeling a bit overwhelmed the past couple of weeks, actually months, but I think I've got it dialed in. Slowly but surely everything is falling into place. With the Holidays coming up really quick, I know we'll lose some days, if not weeks of planning ~ or at least that's what I'm anticipating. We shall see.

I'm debating whether I want to tackle the job of DIY'ing a Monogrammed Aisle Runner. Do I really need one of those?!? I'm not so sure that we do. But it's something I think would be fun to make. :)

Maybe a Banner instead of an Aisle Runner? Ahhh, who knows. For now I think I'm "under control" when it comes to wedding related stuff. I'm going to concentrate on the Reception stuff now..... that seems to be where the work needs to be done. Coming up with Menu's (that sounds official) when in all actuality we're having casual buffet style foods / set up at both AHR's!

I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those cards look great! I totally want to see the finished product when you have them all done.

    About the Aisle Runner - are you going to wear shoes on the beach? I think it may be helpful to not sink into the sand as much... ? Just food for thought! :-)

  2. Hmmm Sarah, do you mean that having an Aisle runner would be a good idea so if I'm wearing heels, it would prevent my heels from sinking into the sand?!?


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