Thursday, July 30, 2009

AHR Invites are complete! MIB supplies has arrived!

Today is a good day so far. Despite the fact that I've had a HORRIBLE week, with Brian leaving for an out of town business trip, and Elyssa back to her dad's last week, I've been here all alone!!! You'd think that I'd be busy with all things Wedding Related huh? Fat chance! I've been moping around.
I did manage however, to get my AHR invites created. Unfortunately Brian took the camera with him, so the best I can do at this time is scan, upload and try to insert it here. We'll see if it works.

So, those are my AHR invites that I created, and the RSVP front and RSVP back. I don't know why the image of the front is so much bigger than the image of the back?!? Weird.

Another good thing about today is that I actually received my MIB order! A huge box with all the glass bottles, corks, sand, shells and mailing boxes arrived today! I am so excited! Now it's almost real! : ) I'm going to have a MIB assembly party at my house very soon!!! : ) Anyone want to join in on some fun? Margaritas???? Jello Shots??? LOL.


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