Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Not much wedding wise is going on today. Just actuallly working on the Knottie Knot list. Wow... so much time is put into this "volunteer" project, it's almost a full time job! : ) Anyway, Brian and I have just pretty much been working on our Wedding Budget. We knew the Cruise was a very inexpensive way to have our wedding "on a beach" and somewhere where family from Minnesota would enjoy traveling to. We have officially picked our wedding party and with the exception of Brian's best friend, it's all family! My three children will be a part of it as well as Brian's brother, sister, niece, nephews and one of his daughters.
We're excited and although most of our planning has been just that,
now we've got to put our plans into action and get things done!
The list seems to be getting longer and longer, when actually it shouldn't be a problem at all right? Yeah, right!

Not to mention, we have two, yes TWO, AHR's to plan as well!
So, onward with the plans! : )


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