Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation: Change Destination

Where shall I start??? I was so excited yesterday when I checked my P.O. Box and what did I receive? My 100 free Save The Date Postcards from Vista Print!!!! Woo Hoo!! I love the mail man! But what happens last night??? Well, we discuss the feasability of the whole Hawaii thing. The reason we chose Hawaii is not only the fact that Brian's not been to Hawaii, and he's talked about a beach wedding shortly after we met, should I ever decided to get married again! : ) But also because my grandma's 89th birthday party is being planned for April 2010 and since we were planning on going, we decided what a great opportunity to have the ceremony there! We sorta jumped on that right away without really thinking things thru. So... after discussing our options, one of which was to still do the whole Hawaii ceremony, but we also discussed maybe the Bahama's or Jamaica ~ however it would be tough with all my children (granted two of them are adults... or practically so...) So, I thought about a cruise. I looked at the Carnival Cruise to Baja Mexico... I've been on one before and enjoyed it so I thought we could do the one that leaves San Diego, goes to Catalina Island, Ensenada Mexico and then back to San Diego. So I also did some research on Catalina Island as far as Beach ceremonies go.
Guess What!!!! The cruise itself as of right now is only $174 per person!
That's on the Early Saver Promotion, and so wow. I believe it's totally reasonably priced and may be to the point that many of Brian's friends and family in Minnesota may even be able to join us! So, if this is the case, I'm gonna have to chuck the 100 FREE STD Postcards that I created and re-do some, or change up altogether and come up with something BIGGER AND BETTER. Lol.
Stay tuned for more........ who knows..... maybe more changes?? I hope not!


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