Friday, June 5, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions......

Woo hoo. I've accomplished a very small amount of things that need to be done for this lovely adventure. Let's see.... I've created the STD's and ordered them thru Vista Print. They're postcards and was "free". I was able to get 100 standard size post cards along with 25 brochures for free, all I had to pay was shipping. Not bad. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use those STD for sure or not and we figured that if it's not what we want to use after all, we're not really out any money. Not a bad idea huh? Also, one of the other ideas that I wanted to use for either STD's or for the actual invites were these cool looking "Boarding Passes" ~ they're a real hit now a days and I was fortunate enough to have a friend of mine help create these. However, Brian is a huge fan of the MIB (Message in a Bottle) for the invites. He is sooooo in to the planning aspect of this wedding, it's cute. For our ages, it's weird, but hey.... you're never to old to have fun planning your wedding! : )
This is what the Boarding Passes looks like.....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
Very creative huh? I think they're cute, but unfortunately we're not going to use this idea. Maybe for something in the future we can use this idea!!!
Let's see.. what else have I "accomplished"?? Oh... I did manage to order and have since received a "sample" set MIB products and stuff...... it came with a plastic bottle & cork, a glass bottle & cork, sample portion of beach sand and sample portion of tiny shells along with a snippit of raffia. Oh, and a mailing box to mail them in. Very cute!!!!
Well, that's it for now.. I'll be back on here in a little bit! More planning is underway!


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