Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being Creative is Fun!

So I tried my hand at several things over the past couple of weeks.  With being so wrapped up in Finals and a Wedding in which I coordinated, officiated, did all the flowers for the 16 member Bridal Party (including the Bride & Groom) created the wedding programs and MC'd at the Reception, I actually found time to 'relax'.  My way of relaxing that is.  By experimenting.

Here's the first thing I played around with:

Cute Dangling Earrings.
The ones above are solid black and the ones below are crystal looking.

While I'm no master at Jewelry Making by any means, I am quite proud of these two pairs of earrings.

Here's another one of my DIY projects I made:

A Birthday Banner for the Hub's upcoming Beer Tasting Themed Party!  
Not bad for my very first banner ever!  Needless to say, I have had a few requests for these!!!  So, to my Etsy Store this went!!

And here's a yummy treat I experimented with:

Cake Push Pops!
Adorable huh???  These happened to be French Vanilla with Strawberry Filling.  Yummy!!!
I have a few tweaks to work out before I add these to my Etsy Store, however, I have already received an order for these!!!  So exciting!!!

And the wedding...well, the wedding was what it was.  Here's a few photos.
(Disclaimer:  I didn't realize how fat I actually looked until I saw these photos!!)

(Notice the big pooch in my belly)

I have to mention, not only did the Groom wear his this Baseball Cap on backwards the entire ceremony, one of his Groomsmen had on an Oakland Raiders Cap on.  Yes, seriously.

Anyway..... check this out:

I finished today ~ my first day ~ back on my weight loss journey, with 316 calories to spare!
GO ME!!! 
I would have had more, but I didn't do a complete work out today.  But tomorrow's another day!!!

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  1. Ooh I love that banner Shelli! You really are so creative :) We need to meet in Stockton still!! Miss ya girlie!


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