Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And so it begins.........

Yes, I'm re-starting my journey in losing weight and eating healthy.

(I wanna look like this photo)

Yeah right, but one can hope!!!  In all seriousness, I've been gearing up to start watching my eating habits. I'm back to 1200 calories a day!!  I'm also back to my daily workouts (thus burning more calories to add to my daily calorie intake!!)

This is one of the reasons......

Do you see that??  Do you see what that says? 

Yikes.  That right there, in addition to my ever present MUFFIN TOP. 
It kinda looks like this:

So, in the last week, I've been preparing myself for going healthy!  I've got my menu planned out for the first 15 days of June and have a daily exercise plan in place.  My goal is to lose at least 14.5 lbs. but ideally, I'd like to lose 19.5 lb. total.  Honestly, losing the weight would be wonderful, however I'd like to lose major inches around my waist and the flab in my arms. 

I belong to a wonderful website called My Fitness Pal which has a number of tools to help me track my daily calorie intake as well as calories burned thru excersing!  It has a HUGE data bank with a variety of foods which accurately lists calories, fats, proteins, sugars, etc. for everything!

I absolutely love My Fitness Pal.  Check out their website, and join me on this journey!!  I officially start tomorrow, June 1st!!


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