Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 30 Day Photo Challenge {a few days late}

Well, I stumbled upon a fun little blog late last night and decided to join in on their June 30 Day Photo Challenge.  I know I'm 4 days late in starting, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon and joining in on their fun!!

And here's their 'rules' for participating in this fun Challenge:

COME JOIN US!!!  You DON'T have to take amazing photos, you don't have to be a photographer, and you don't need a high-end camera.  Use your crap phone, smart phone, point & shoot, SLR, whatever you have - this is not a competition - just an 'art' thing.  It's your own personal interpretation of the subject matter.

Get creative!  Your self portrait could consist of you wearing a spandex leotard and a feather boa - who cares?!  {well...maye I would care...spandex is just gross...} But you get the point, right?!  

AND...these photos have to be taken ON THE DAY SPECIFIED - or one day before and posted on the day specified.  No old photos are allowed.  No cheaties.  So since the challenge starts June 1st, you can take your self portrait on May 30th, edit it that night, and post it on June 1st.  Make sense? Otherwise, take pictures & post them on the specific day.

So, excuse me if I post my first FOUR photos here in this post!  :)

Day 1 - Self Portrait
{ was very early this morning when I took this photo so please excuse the ultimate Asian, just woke up look.}

Day 2 - Your Favorite Shoes

Now, these shoes are currently my all time favorite of those that I own.  I have tons of shoes and they're all my favorite, but for now, these happen to tickle my fancy!!

Day 3 - Hands

Hands, paws...they're all the same!  Here's Duke trying to get a toy that I have hidden underneath my hands.  He's pretty smart....I couldn't fool him!

Day 4 - Clouds

Well, heck....since we're supposed to take a photo "on the day specified", and it's pouring down rain at the moment, not to mention the fact that the entire sky (from where I'm viewing it) is nothing but clouds......this is what I got from my patio...I'm not stepping out in that downpour....sorry!!

Yes....that's nothing but total cloud cover.  Not the best picture in the world, but I refuse to go out there!! that I'm all caught up with this, let's see if I can keep up with it!

Hope you all join in the fun!!!  If you do, please be sure to leave me a comment here and I'll follow your blog and check out your photos!!!!


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