Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Tuesday

So, the past weekend was super crazy for me.  I had a bad baking Friday and a disastrous baking episode on Saturday but 8 dozen graduation Cupcakes and a two tiered birthday cake later, it ended on a positive note. 

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at some friends of ours who had a "Mortgage Burning" get together!! That was fun just finally sitting and relaxing and eating some light appetizers!  I'd never been to a "Mortgage Burning" party so I had no idea what to expect - so it was a very welcomed relaxing day!! Can't wait for the day we get to have one of these!!  :D

This weekend should be another crazy one for us as well! Brian's Beer Tasting Themed party is on Saturday.  :)   What I envisioned months ago to be a big tadoo, has now been scaled down to a smaller, less work event for me.  :)  I'll be serving light appetizers and finger foods and just keeping it simple! 

Sunday, of course, is Father's Day!!  Again, we'll be keeping it low key and simple.  Since Brian's birthday is next Wednesday, we'll be celebrating Father's Day along with his Birthday on Thursday in San Francisco at a Giants game.  :)  We'll be driving into Dublin and taking BART into San Francisco ~ gonna be fun!!!!!! 

Needless to say, the rest of this week will be dedicated to doing things around the house....preparing for the party on Saturday....finishing some DIY projects....and spending time with my baby girl!!

Well okay, she may be 14 and she may be going into her Sophomore year of High School, and she may be taller than me, but she's still my baby girl!!!!  (And always will be).

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


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