Sunday, July 4, 2010

Minnesota June 2010 Pictures

Mall of America!!!!

The Mall of America is Awesome! It is 78 Acres big! It used to be the home of the Metropolitan Stadium and as you can see from the photo above, that is the where the original Home Plate of the stadium used to be.
The middle of the massive mall consists of a Theme Park ~ Nickelodeon Universe. There are rollar coasters, a Dora Ferris Wheel, a Log Ride, and various other theme park rides throughout! It is unreal!
Of course, the Mall itself is amazing! It has over 520 stores on three levels of pedestrian walkways, with a fourth level on the East side. While we were there, there was construction going on and read there is addition planned north of the mall that will allow for up to 900 stores. The Mall is organized into four different zones, each with its own decorative style.
It is AMAZING and a MUST SEE if you're ever in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area!

~* Grandpa Motorcycle and the Grandchildren *~

Grandpa and Brayden

Grandpa and Jayden

Grandpa and Kaeden
We spent A LOT of time with Brian's three grandchildren on this trip and we had an awesome time with them. The photo's above is when we met them for lunch at McDonalds! We had a good time visiting!!

~* Amish Country *~

A Buggy with Van Seats

Old Blade Push Mower ~ And the yard was HUGE

There are a lot of Amish living going on in the Country and one day I asked Brian if we can take a drive into some of the Amish area. We came across this little Amish Community and despite the fact that it was in the early afternoon, there wasn't much going on activity wise. We did see maybe two or three Amish Children doing chores. I was also able to see a horse drawn buggy on the road, but didn't feel right pulling out the camera and snapping a photo then. :)

Of course there are a ton more photos to share, but for some reason, Blogger is giving me a hard time right now uploading them all, so I'll leave you all with these!!


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