Monday, July 26, 2010

I found an AWESOME Give Away today!!

We all know that I LOVE Blog surfing. Heck, I love reading blogs, and I follow a ton of 'em as well.

Today I read a handful of blogs that I follow on a regular basis and there's two that were very interesting to me!

The first one is called: A Few of My Favorite Things. Today, she blogged about a very awesome Give Away!! How cute are these?!?

And if you check out her blog, you'll have the opportunity to enter her GIVEAWAY!!! This is a great Giveaway in that it's not only a CUTE product, but she's giving away TWO sets!! Yay!!

I've entered!! Yeah, yeah, yeah... Brian and I are done with babies and all (with the exception of our newest addition to our family this past weekend).

I'm so excited for a chance to win because a very close couple that we know just shared with us on Saturday that they're expecting their second child!! Woo Hoo! And, what makes it so much more exciting for Brian and I is that we're going to be that baby's Godparents!! :)

If it isn't in the cards for me to win the GiveAway, I know I'll be purchasing the set of Sticky Bellies!!

The second blog that I found totally interesting in is called Slam Dunks. This particular Blogger writes about 'True Crime' per se, and her perspective of a particular case. She also focuses on Missing Persons.

I have a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Behavioral and Social Sciences, (I'm a Cake Decorator/Event Coordinator.....go figure) and so blogs like these interest me tremendously!!!

This particular post, is interesting to me because I love the way she correlates all the facts. :)

You all should read her blog periodically. It's very interesting!!!
I think I'm going to do this on a regular basis on Mondays! Share with you all what interesting blogs I've come across! Lucky you guys huh?!?

And, I'm also planning on doing my very own GiveAways again in the very near future! These will be very easy GiveAways though, so be on the lookout!!!

Happy Monday!!!!


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