Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day with the Ducks

Amazingly enough, I didn't do one bit of baking and or cooking whatsoever today! Seriously. Not for breakfast. Not for lunch. And not for dinner. Today was one of those days where everyone pretty much had to fend for themselves. Every once in a great while, I don't think there's anything wrong with that!!

It was a very unproductive day ~ "lazy day" I would call it. I suppose it was due to the fact that Brian had to work overnight tonight at work, so he needed to take it easy throughout the day. It's hard to have to adjust your body to the one day of overnights. Only to have to come back in the morning and try to "get back to normal" because your regular shift will come again the next day. (So glad it's him and not me!)

Just to get some family time in this afternoon, we went to A&W so Brian could get a Frosty Mug of Root Beer! After that, we headed to Stanislaus State to go "feed the ducks" despite the fact that we didn't have any bread with us. Lol. Stan State just happens to be where we took our Engagement Photos at. I had Elyssa take a few shots of me up at the top of the 'waterfall' just as I did in our E-Pics. It was fun!

That just about summed up our day! Pretty uneventful to the max!! But here are some awesome photos of our exciting day. :)


My beautiful Elyssa Lynn

Big Mr. Goose getting a little too close to me

My beautiful Elyssa Lynn again

My beautiful Elyssa Lynn one more time


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