Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love my boys!!!!


Today for our Date Day Thursday, Brian and I did something a little different!!! We usually start off by getting up bright and early and go to Huckleberry's and have their Early Gator Special which consists of 2 eggs; Hashbrowns; and Toast, biscuit or pancakes for $1.99.

This morning we (okay... I...) decided that we'd skip breakfast at Huckleberrys and instead have a quick one at home. Then..... at about 10 a.m., we'd take Duke and go for a walk. A looonnnnggg walk. (What the heck was I thinking?!?) My thoughts was that we'd go down to the strip mall 'down the street' and stop into Pet Extreme, Target and then have lunch and one of the many restaurants they have around that area. So, that's what we did. Then I thought... oh, while we're all the way over here, let's cross the street and go to the strip mall there! They have Bath & Body Works, TJ Max, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohls. So off we went!!!

Then we made our way back home. All the way back home. Like over a mile all the way back home. Needless to say, Duke didn't walk the ENTIRE way. I brought his little Dog Purse (which he loves) and he got to be carried the majority of the 18,395 miles that we walked. (So..that was exaggerating a little)

Here's a photo of Duke snoozing away in his Dog Purse (whatever you call those things) while we were having lunch.

What a little stinker huh?!?

Brian and I did finish off our Date Day Thursday like we used to always do... with $1.50 Margaritas! It was yummy!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thursday!!


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