Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My DIY Veil

So, I decided to make my own Chapel length veil. I suppose the length doesn't really matter because I cut it to wear I wanted to to fall. And, although you can't see the details, I put little sparkly things on the bottom and sides of the veil. I just randomly put them on there and it gives it a little elegance to it. Also, I didn't put a "trim" along the edges because I wanted this look. So, I'm going to make another one with a "trim" on it to see which one I like the best. Either way, I'm glad I DIY'd this because once again, it'll mean more to me on the day I get married, knowing that I made this myself!! :)

It's DONE!!!

My Message in a Bottles are COMPLETED!! Done, finished, finneto, nothing else to do to them, zip, zero, zilch!!! Yay!! I finished these puppies up with a lable that has our monogram on it and they are all ready to be mailed out! Actually, some of them are being hand delivered only because it just makes more sense rather than mailing them to our friends and family members who we see on a daily basis. That, plus it will cost $2.60 per MIB to mail so it'll save us on some postage as well. :)

I am sooooo relieved that this DIY project is done. It was rather time consuming, but I think it's well worth all the blood, sweat and tears. Okay... so there was no blood involved, but there certainly were lots of sweat!!! I would so do these again!!! :) And, for any beach themed and/or destination wedding brides out there, I would recommend doing these.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

T-Minus 206 Days

I am seriously getting a little more stressed out day by day. It's coming down to 206 days until Catalina Island, and I am no where near being close to getting things crossed of my list. 206 days will go by faster than I can even imagine!!! I'm seriously starting to panic. Here's what I have "pending" still, with regard to making a final decision...

* Bridal Party outfits ~ ladies dresses / men's shirts

* Bridal Party flowers ~ ladies bouquets / men's bouts

* Ceremony wording ~ thought I had it figured out, but realized I forgot the ring exchange portion along with the "Do you,........ I do" part. (Kinda important)

* Ceremony music ~ Brian's niece is playing the flute while we walk down the aisle, and I have no clue what song to choose.

All of the above is what is swirling around in my head at this moment, and I need to come to some sort of a decision..... and SOON. Yikes...

Not to mention the gazillion other wedding related things that need to be done. I thought this was supposed to be a breeze with it being a DW and all. :)

I did, however manage to pick up some playing cards for my Welcome Bags. They were clearanced at Michaels for $ .40!!! Score!! I got 20 packs!! I love it!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yay!!! They're just about done!!!

Woo Hoo!!! My MIB invites are just about done!! I'm sooooo glad that this project is finally coming to a closure!!! It was a very time consuming project but well worth it! I could have asked for help from friends, but felt that this was something that I wanted to do myself. So it would mean so much more to both Brian and I! I'm glad I did too!

I have about 25 of them all put together and have 35 more to go!! I'm not looking forward to folding 60 boxes though... here's some that I've put together.. it's rather time consuming and a pain in the arse!!!

So, with 208 days left ~ the Knot kindly reminds me every day how many days are left ~ I think I'm on pace with my goal of getting these done and ready to be mailed by the 1st of October!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally working on the MIB's!!!

So, the other night, while watching Dirty Dancing, I actually filled all my MIB's with sand, seashells and the cocktail umbrellas!! Yay!! So, needless to say, my coffee table is covered in MIB's!

Today, I have printed out 25 of the 60 invites I need which still have to have the edges burned, rolled and tied with raffia and then inserted into these bottles. My goal is to have them done by middle of next week, if not sooner! :) I have the mailing boxes, but those all have to be put together as well and I'm not really looking forward to having stacks of these boxes in my living room until the bottle are ready to go! Then, I intend to have these out in the mail by the first week of October. The ones we can hand deliver, we will, or so that's what I'm assuming, but we may just put them all in the mail. That's something I still have to decide on.

Got an "almost" check done and out of the way!! I know "almosts" don't count, but I'm working on it!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding related crisis!!!!

My PC has crashed!!! I have to now resort to the lap top...... I have been pretty good about backing up my wedding related stuff to my external hard drive, however there are some things that are stuck on my hard drive on the PC that can't get too!!!! One of them being my Boarding Pass AHR invite template!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH. I am going to have to re-create it, which means I a going to have to download the fonts, and then spend another 4 hours creating them....YIKES.

Please wish me lots of luck people!!!!!