Sunday, September 27, 2009

T-Minus 206 Days

I am seriously getting a little more stressed out day by day. It's coming down to 206 days until Catalina Island, and I am no where near being close to getting things crossed of my list. 206 days will go by faster than I can even imagine!!! I'm seriously starting to panic. Here's what I have "pending" still, with regard to making a final decision...

* Bridal Party outfits ~ ladies dresses / men's shirts

* Bridal Party flowers ~ ladies bouquets / men's bouts

* Ceremony wording ~ thought I had it figured out, but realized I forgot the ring exchange portion along with the "Do you,........ I do" part. (Kinda important)

* Ceremony music ~ Brian's niece is playing the flute while we walk down the aisle, and I have no clue what song to choose.

All of the above is what is swirling around in my head at this moment, and I need to come to some sort of a decision..... and SOON. Yikes...

Not to mention the gazillion other wedding related things that need to be done. I thought this was supposed to be a breeze with it being a DW and all. :)

I did, however manage to pick up some playing cards for my Welcome Bags. They were clearanced at Michaels for $ .40!!! Score!! I got 20 packs!! I love it!!!


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