Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally working on the MIB's!!!

So, the other night, while watching Dirty Dancing, I actually filled all my MIB's with sand, seashells and the cocktail umbrellas!! Yay!! So, needless to say, my coffee table is covered in MIB's!

Today, I have printed out 25 of the 60 invites I need which still have to have the edges burned, rolled and tied with raffia and then inserted into these bottles. My goal is to have them done by middle of next week, if not sooner! :) I have the mailing boxes, but those all have to be put together as well and I'm not really looking forward to having stacks of these boxes in my living room until the bottle are ready to go! Then, I intend to have these out in the mail by the first week of October. The ones we can hand deliver, we will, or so that's what I'm assuming, but we may just put them all in the mail. That's something I still have to decide on.

Got an "almost" check done and out of the way!! I know "almosts" don't count, but I'm working on it!!!


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