Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Monday! Weekend Recap & Photos!!

In 20 weeks, we'll be on our Cruise! Yipee! 20 freaking weeks. It's still unbelieveable. But, I'll get over it. Today I have a cake order (1/2 sheet ~ so it's huge) so I'll be working on that this morning. Meeting the client at Noon for pick up, then after that, I am going to take my broken Apothecary Jar back to Michaels!!!

Can you believe I did that?!? Well, it's not entirely my fault! They only wrapped the lid of the jar in paper before putting it in a bag. The entire jar itself was just placed in the plastic bag without any wrapping at all!!! And the wrapped lid was placed in the same bag too. Ugh...I didn't check it until this morning and I discovered it was broken. I know I must have done it, but still....if they would have wrapped the jar in paper, this probably wouldn't have happened!!! So, I'm going to go see if I can exchange it!!! :)

While I was at Michaels on Saturday, I also took advantage of their 40% off entire stock of candles coupon as well! I scored!!!

That was my Saturday! I spent some time shopping at Michaels!!! I spent the rest of the evening making 4 dozen cupcakes ~ two dozen for a client and two dozen for my football friends that get together on Sundays!!!

We always meet at 10 a.m. at a local restaurant/bar for Football Sunday!! And let me tell you, we make it a day! I walk in with my Starbucks Frappacinno and some baked goodies, while eveyone else orders Bloody Mary's or beer. Yuck. First of all, I HATE beer, and secondly, how can you freaking drink alcohol at 10 o'clock in the morning!!! Ewwwww.

Yesterday we had a BLAST. It was great! It was Brian's weekend to work, so he joined us at 3:30. He had such a great day at work and had some good news, so he was in a celebratory mood. Needless to say, he had two Bloody Marys, and several beers and was feeling no pain by 6 or so. I think this was the second time that I have seen him soooooooo hilariously intoxicated! I was worried because we had two vehicles at the restaurant and against all of my protesting, he insisted on driving home. Luckily we only live about 3 minutes from the restaurant and we made it home safe and sound!!!
Here's a photo of the cake I did this morning. It's a half sheet French Vanilla with Fresh Strawberries and Buttercream Icing. Mmmmmmmmmm. Just plain and simple ~ no writing necessary. I like easy! :)


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