Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress Dilema Resolved!!!!

I found the dress for the girls.
I found the dress for the girls in all the sizes that we need.
It has been bothering me and bothering me and bothering me. I was so stressed out because everytime we found a dress we all liked, we couldn't get it in a certain size that we needed. So we choose another dress. Then that dress wasn't available in another size.... and so on, and so on. And now.....
FINALLY. I found one!!!!
And, today I received a package from Katie (a former DW Bride). I purchased some Lily Bowls from her along with some Starfish. I received the Starfish. And none of them were broken! Whew! Mr. Fed Ex man should be bringing me a box full of Lily Bowls by Friday! :)
I also received a package from Natalie (another former DW Bride). I purchased some Sand Dollars, Starfish and 3 Pashmina's from her! :) Unfortunately 6 of the Sand Dollars arrived in pieces. :( But that is to be expected in shipping thru the Postal Service.
Mr. Mail man should be bringing me a Package with a Wedding Dress in it very soon too!!! :) I know....I know... I already have my dress.... but I bought another one from a former DW Bride also ~ new with tags on it still. One will be for the Ceremony, the other for my TTD session.
Simple as that!
All in all, today has been a very good day! :) I am a happy camper!


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