Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our not so FUN 4 day Memorial Day Camping Trip!

Well, since Brian had Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday scheduled off this wonderful Memorial Day holiday, I convinced Brian that we should take a camping trip!
Despite the fact that I'm still trying to recover from my illness, he agreed!
At the very last minute, (Thursday morning) we decided we'll head to Sequoia National Park since the internet says that the weather will be in the 70's..... Our original place to go was Yosemite, but their weather forecast predicted rain and snow.
So, we packed up enough gear for 4 people...made a pit stop to the SuperTarget on our way to Sequoia (yes, Brian's place of employment) and bought a few more necessities.
Then drove our way into the park.
It took us a while to find a spot and set up camp. Mind you, we got a very late start and by the time we actually found a decent spot that we liked, it was closer to 5:30. Not too much time to go looking all over for prime real estate before darkness set in!!!
It was cold, but not too cold. Between Brian and I we got the tent up right before it got dark, but then we had to haul everything into our campsite in the dark. We only had one flash light to work with because NOBODY sells the 9 watt, flurocent, U Shaped Bulb that we need for our brand new Coleman Lantern.
This is what we woke up to early Friday Morning!
(Enjoy the photos and please keep your laughing to a minimum)


Here's more photos for your viewing pleasure!

I have more photos to share, but I thought I'd give you guys a little chuckle with what prompted us to pack up after breakfast Friday morning and head back home.
Hope you guys are enjoying your three day Holiday!


  1. I'm absolutely shocked that you stopped at Target! ;) Sorry about the canceled trip, but it makes for some pretty pictures!

  2. ZOMG I love camping but YOU are a trooper - snow?!?! SNOW! I would have been so excited but at the same time crying - I bet it was collld that night. I hope you kept each other warm. We only go camping in the fall and the spring. Mike always wants to attempt to go in the summer but it's just TOO HOT.

    We were going to go this weekend but we couldn't get final answers from anyone so instead we went and bought kayaks and we are going kayaking today!


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