Monday, May 31, 2010

~ Margarita Cupcakes ~

I've been repeatedly asked by friends, family members and acquaintences if I had added anything new and exciting to my Etsy Shop recently.

My answer the last couple of months have simply been: "NOPE"

What? With a Destination Wedding, (a cruise nonetheless) with 33 cruising guests, and two At Home Receptions to prepare for, who has time?!?

I've been taking orders from clients for Chocolate Starfish, SeaShells and Sand Dollars the last couple of weeks, and I do have a couple of Wedding Cakes and Event Cakes on the books, so in between all of our remaining Wedding Related Events, I will be steadily working diligently!!

Recently, a friend shared a recipe with me for "Margarita" Cupcakes. Unfortunately, I didn't save the link she so kindly shared with me, so I did a little research on the 'ole Information Superhighway!

I found a variety of receipes out there for "Margarita" Cupcakes, and with some tweaking and combining of various receipes, I have come up with one that seems to me will be
very yummy!

So.....Today, I experimented!

While the presentation is not 100% perfected at this very moment, can I just tell you that the combination of the hint of lime in the cupcake portion itself is simply AMAZING!

Not to mention the slight hint of Lime and Tequilla in the Buttercream Frosting is to die for!!!

Here's a photo (or two) of what I ended up with...remember, this is just the very first round of experimenting!
(I'm trying to find some Lime Wedge Candies to top these puppies with!! Not having any luck!!)

I'm still working on this particular recipe, but just thought I'd give you all a "heads up" as to what will be up and coming at Clever Confections!!!

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  1. Ok, so everytime I look at these, my mouth literally starts watering they look so yummy! You are so talented!


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