Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday!!

It's Sunday and althought it's rather windy outside, the sun is shining and I woke up feeling better than I have the last three weeks!! Not 100% better, but on the road to recovery!! My allergies are coming back big time, and I would have thought that these 'strong' antibiotics would have killed even those allergy bugs in my system...... but I suppose not!

Okay...let's discuss our AHR coming up here in a month. June 19th to be exact. We are having our 2nd AHR in Minnesota ~ Brian's home town!! I'm so very excited to be going back to Minnesota again!

Originally, we were going to do the same Boarding Pass Invites as we did for our California AHR, but it's too much work and with me being sick for as long as I was/am, I kinda ran out of time!! So, I elected to go the cheap, easy route and just bought some invites at Michaels and be done with it.

Here's the final product:

Not the Boarding Pass Invites, but so much more less time consuming! Considering I need to get these out in the mail tomorrow!!

Yes, I'm so looking forward to our trip to Minnesota! I wish we could take in a Twins game at the new Target Field, but I don't think the Twins are going to have any home games while we're there. Boo!!!

That's okay though... Brian has our agenda full with appointments!! Dentist appointments for the both of us, as well as a Doctor's appointment for himself! He also has scheduled an appointment with his Financial Advisor and also his Accountant. :) Nice huh? Yep... he squeezes in as much as he can while we're there!
Not to mention we'll be having a surprise 50th Birthday part for him while we're there as well! He doesn't even know about that! He thinks we're celebrating it at the AHR, but we're not! His best friend wants to do something totally separate from the AHR so we'll be celebrating it on his actual birthday!
Oh, and did I mention that Father's Day is the day after our AHR?!?
Needless to say, we're in for quite a 'vacation'!!!
Hope everyone is having an AWESOME Sunday!!


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