Friday, May 21, 2010

Among the Living Again!!

Yay!! I woke up this morning feeling MUCH, MUCH better than I have the last week or two!!

Last night I started on my "For Sale" page in my planning bio. I posted a few things and got an overwhelming response! Wow! I added a few more things to it today and will get to add more once our AHR in Minnesota is over with in June!

If you want to take a look at what I have, please feel free to do so! Here's the link:

I also put up a few of our wedding photos here in the blog! Just click on the "photo" tab in the menu bar. :)

I'm off to go conquer the world this fine Friday afternoon!!! I haven't been out of the house in a couple of days, so I'm itching to get out!! I'm definitely going to hit STARBUCKS!!! :)

Have a great Friday!!!!


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