Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So....I had an Exam in my math class last week. An EXAM, not a simple quiz, but an EXAM....which accounts for 60% of our grade at the end of the semester. There are 6 Exams plus our Final. How did I do you ask? Considering there were only 10 questions, I SUCKED. I got a 70%. HOWEVER, we were given the opportunity to take our results home and work out the problem(s) that we got wrong for an extra point. So in the end, I will have an 80%.  I'm not happy with that...not at all. 

On a brighter note, on our "pop" quiz in my Medical Terminology class last Wednesday, I received 100%. SWEET!!

Ya wanna see what my schedule looks like for the rest of the week??

Not too crazy busy for a change!  And I'm glad that Brian will be taking a few days off when his best friend comes into town!!  Next week will be a pretty busy one for us as we have tons planned!!

How's YOUR week look????

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