Sunday, January 1, 2012

Woot woot! I'm back!!!

WOO HOO!!!  2012 IS HERE!!

Let's see if I can discipline myself to go back to blogging on a daily basis!!!

For me, 2011 wasn't a very eventful year.  Although we did go on an impromptu, last minute Cruise in October, that's about all the traveling that we did.  Which is quite unusual for us.  We normally go to Minnesota at least twice during the year, however this year we didn't even go once!  The year flew by so quickly ~ and when the Holidays rolled around, we totally were not in the mood
to do ANY celebrating whatsoever!  We did host our Annual Gile Holiday Party, which was an amazing success, complete with awesome White Elephant Gift Exchange!

I made some wonderful new friendships with some pretty amazing individuals which I am truly grateful for!  So in that sense, I don't regret 2011.......yet I don't think it'll go down in the books as
an "awesome" year for the Gile family here in California!

With that being said, here's the last page in our book of 2011.

So, let's talk about what's new!  There are several 'important' new beginnings for me:

1)  I have been a Scentsy Consultant for 4 months now.
3) I will be treating both the above businesses as my 'REAL JOB' (as some people say I don't have)

In 2010 it was one of my yearly Goals to read 100 books in the year.  I accomplished just that.  
Last year, despite the fact that I listed all my 2011 Goals & Wishes for the year, 
(which you can read  ----->  here.)
 Seldomly did I even attempted to reach said goals.  

THIS YEAR, I am going to strive to simultaneously accomplish all of my goals I set
as well as cross things off of My Bucket List!!

In a completely separate Blog Post, I'm going post the following lists:

* 2012 Goals & Wishes
* My Life's Bucket List

Here's to hoping you all can help keep me accountable for everything  on my lists!

Have an AMAZING 2012!!


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