Saturday, April 10, 2010


oh yes..... one week from today, we will be leaving on a journey that will be one of the best journey's of my life!!!!!

But wait.... okay.... so you all know that we will be leaving next Saturday which will be the start of our AMAZING wedding week!! (Okay...10 days of wedding bliss) We plan on leaving somewhere in the late, late evening for a 7 hour drive down to San Diego. We have several vehicles in this 'caravan' of people heading down in the late night / very early morning of Sunday and it's going to be a blast!!!!!!

Guess what I did?!? Yes, call me an idiot, but is business!!! So, I was contacted by a local Boutique owner who had come across my Etsy Store. She told me that they are having an event called "A day at the Boutique" which will feature approximately 65 vendors! She has 45 vendors on a regular basis in her Boutique (several Etsy Store owners) and are looking for about 20 more for the day! She further advised that she didn't have any vendors with anything "Edible" and would love it if I would consider participating. The even is slated for next Saturday the 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., however the Boutique is opened until 6:00 p.m.

So, did I commit to participating in something like that on THE DAY that we're leaving for our AMAZING wedding cruise vacation?!? You bet your bottom dollar I did!!! Well, the decision wasn't made lightly, let me tell you. In fact, it was Brian who actually persuaded me into actually doing it. He said that I am more 'relaxed' and 'in my own element' when I'm baking and/or creating cakes.

I will only be offering Cupcakes (three flavors = Chocolate, French Vanilla & my speciality Irish Car Bomb) along with Cookies (Cut-out decorated type) and also various Chocolates (Sea Shells, Star Fish, and Sand Dollars). It isn't going to be difficult at all to whip those up! And for me, the idea is to get my name out there so people order their future event cakes from me!!! The sales that day aren't that important to me ~ it's spreading the word about my business and, as I mentioned just now, getting future orders!!!


Now, on to wedding related topics! I am soo excited and ready to leave already!! I've pretty much got everything done with the exception of some little things. I need to hem Brian's ceremony suit pants; finish putting the welcome bags together; make my 'must take' list for the photographer; put together a 'Welcome Packet' for our cruising guests which will contain their table assignments for dinner in the dining room as well as a Cruising Guest Directory which lets everyone know what cabin everyone is in. Little things like that! Oh... and then I have to pack. And let me tell you, we are going to have a few of those 18 gallon Rubbermaid Totes coming with us! I'll have to take a picture of everything we're taking with us and share them with you guys! It's going to be a sight to see, that's for sure!!!!

Well, I hope you all have a Happy Saturday!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!



  1. Those are the CUTEST cookies!!!! Now following you from MBC. You can find me at

  2. WOW! I can't believe you are leaving so soon! You must be so excited!!!!!

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