Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

It's National Blog Posting Month!! Although NaBloPoMo is now a monthly occurrence, it officially kicked off back then just for the month of November. However, more and more bloggers wanted to continue the Monthly Blogging on a daily basis so....National Blog Posting Month is pretty much every.single.month.

"It's that time again; time to commit to posting every day for a full month by joining in with NaBloPoMo. The point? Well, beyond the endurance factor -- of becoming a writing athlete -- there's the benefit from daily writing. I use it as a way to warm up before getting into book writing. And then there's the community aspect: joining NaBloPoMo is like joining a gym. You're writing in a group and feeding off that for motivation rather than writing alone."

For those who have difficulty trying to figure out what to write about, NaBloPoMo offers bloggers a daily 'prompt' to give you a jump start. Even if you only write a simple paragraph regarding their prompt, it usually leads to blogging about other things in general. So, if you want to jump on the bandwagon and join other Bloggers, NaBloPoMo is the perfect place to get direction!! :)

This is today's Prompt:

For me, my favorite part about writing is the fact that I can journal my daily, weekly or monthly highlights of my life and have somewhere to go to reflect back on those memories. When I started this blog, I was in a new relationship...and it pretty much documents my life from that point on. This blog ended up focusing on the planning of our Destination Wedding...and I'm glad I shared every little detail with my readers. I've had tons of people ask me for direction on re-creating some of the crafty things I did. Quite honestly, the majority of my ideas came from a very amazing group of ladies who were a part of a Destination Wedding forum I was (and still am) a part of. It's nice to be able to pass on the ideas that were passed to me. :)

Of course after all the hoopla was over, I neglected my blog something fierce! However, I'm going to be getting back on track, and hopefully I'll be able to post daily now that I'm committed in participating in the National Blog Posting Month this month!!

In other news....DID YOU SEE MY CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN at the top of my blog?!? Christmas is coming in a month and 23 days!!! Yikes!!!!

I can proudly say that I'm officially DONE with Christmas Shopping!! 

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