Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beer Tasting Themed Party

So, with Brian's big FIVE-ONE coming up here in June, we're having a big shin-dig to celebrate! Last year we were in Minnesota for our AHR so we weren't able to celebrate with a lot of his friends here in California so they asked me to make sure we did something for him this year.#

I've decided on a 'Beer Tasting' theme! I got the inspiration from a fellow DW Bride, who shared this blog with me. I love everything about how she hosted her party and I'm getting tons of ideas from her!!

Here's the invites I did:

And what I'm going to put on tiles for coasters:

I also wanted a Happy Birthday Banner and found this on Etsy:

But in these colors perhaps:

I don't know if I should give it a whirl at making the banner myself, or just breaking down and spend the $30. ($27 plus $3 for shipping). Hmmmm.

For now, I'm wanting to create a Save the Date though so people keep that Saturday open. I know it's the day before Father's Day, so I need to get the word out NOW! You would think I'd have thought of the Save the Date BEFORE everything else, but nope. Not me. I tend to do things backwards.

I am also in the planning stages of my daughter's Sweet 16. It's not for another 18 months, however, I'm a planner, and this is going to be a very special occasion so...... I'm planning away!!! Wait till you see what I've found so far!!!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hey Shelli, can you send me an invite for that too?!?! :) Love the beer tasting idea!


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