Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catching up on Blog Awards ~ Part One

I have been so caught up in going back to school and trying to stay on top of everything the first couple of weeks that for a quick minute I strayed from blogging.

I received a few Blog Awards that I'd like to so graciously accept; give my thanks to who I received it from; and then pass it on as requested. Here goes:

The first award I received from Meg over at O is Me.

Meg's blog is one that I can't wait to read daily! She shares hilarious videos ~ not hilarious videos of others, but more so of herself!! Thanks Meg, for this awesome Blog Award!!

One Lovely Blog Award

I'm supposed to list seven things about myself and pass it on to nine other bloggers. And like Meg, I'm going to list random crap because that is fun!

{one} Although I'm 42 years old, I went back to College this Semester;

{two} I recently got married on Catalina Island!!

{three} I have three AMAZING kids

{four} I have six AMAZING step-kids

{five} I have the cutest little puppy named Duke

{six} I absolutely LOVE my better half!!

{seven} I am a lefty! However, I bat right handed in softball.

The nine lovely Blogs I'm passing this award to is:

Maura at Maura's Malarky
Abri at Absolutely Ridiculous
Sarah at Sarah Says
Vic at Freckles and Fudge
Cristina with the awesome blog Stuffed
Meghan at Hailey's House
Kallay at Kallaydoscope
Allyson at Magnolias & Mimosas
City Girl Can Survive

Enjoy reading these blogs ~ they're great!! :)


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