Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beliefs, Feelings, Wants, Wishes and Loves

I can't believe...

  • I have TEN weeks to finish a gazillion and one things for the wedding..... and that's just the ceremony aspect;

  • It's already February of 2010. Come on, where in the heck did January go?!?

  • Some people can be so selfish and stubborn;

  • I started an Etsy shoppe;

  • Jake gave Vienna a rose;

I feel...

  • Overwhelmed at times, but am confident everything will come together;

  • Anxious because I just want the wedding and both receptions to be done and over with;

  • Nervous because I want everything to be 'perfect' (in my eyes at least);

  • Loved by my fiance every minute of every day;

  • The need to somehow get Jake's cell phone number and tell him how much of an idiot he is for giving Vienna a rose;

I want...

  • To be more disiplined in my work outs; (yeah..like who is willing to let Jillian kick your butt day in and day out?)

  • There to be SOMEWAY, SOMEHOW, that my wedding dress can be hemmed without losing the detail;

  • Just a little more time in the day;

  • Meghan to release the 15 Welcome Bags she's holding hostage from me;**(see end of post)

  • To be able to drink more than one margarita on $1.50 Margarita night;

  • Jake to wake up and smell the roses (pun intended);

I wish...

  • My mom was still alive and sharing my wedding planning process with me here on earth;

  • God would harden the hearts of certain individuals who are lost;

  • I could wiggle my nose and all of my laundry would get done;

  • More people would give to the needy, should they truly be needy;

  • I didn't have this "pooch" of a gut;

  • I knew what happened to Mo-Mo the cat because he's been MIA for the last week (read about Mo-Mo here);

  • Jake would realize how much of a you know what Vienna is;

I love...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


** For our Cruising Guests, we're giving them Welcome Bags which will contain a variety of items ranging from:

  • Travel sizes of:

    • Kleenex

    • Hand Sanitizer

    • First Aid Kit

    • Sun Block

    • Tylenol

  • Travel Mug

  • Playing Cards

  • Night Light

  • Crystal Light Packets

  • Lindor Chocolates

  • Room Deodorizers

And lots, lots, more. I purchased the bags I intend to use at the Dollar Store however, they didn't have the amount of bags I needed in the color I wanted. I went to several different Dollar Stores in outlaying cities, to no avail. A fellow DW Knottie, Meghan, went to the Dollar Store where she lives and bought the remaining 15 bags IN THE COLOR I wanted, (bless her heart), and she's holding them hostage from me. :)

No worries though... we will be having a GTG soon, so I'll get them!!


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