Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful Bloggers


Heather, author of Namaste_Heather thinks I’m a

Beautiful Blogger

I am truly honored to have received this Award, especially from such a wonderful person as Heather!

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then bestow this wonderful Award upon 7 other Beautiful Bloggers

#1) I double majored and posses an Associates of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates of Arts Degree in Behavioral & Social Science;

#2) I am a Cake Decorator / Event Planner and have been making wedding cakes for over 8 years;

#3) I’m currently planning my very own Destination Wedding and will be married in 63 days from today;

#4) I am a very detail oriented individual who is very anal about having lists… fact, I have lists for my lists :)

#5) I’m an Etsy Shop owner and love it!!

#6) I absolutely LOVE to read ~ I read anything and everything I can get my hands on… it’s my favorite pastime;

#7) I love and miss my mother dearly and wish she were here with me on earth to share this special time as I marry my best friend, my partner, my love!

Now to bestow this upon 7 other Beautiful Bloggers

1) None other than Kallay @ Kallaydoscope

2) The awesome Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

3) Another Bride Planning Friend @ The Perpetual Party Planner

4) My real life friend, Heather @ Livin' in This Big Family

5) One more Bride Planning Blogger @ A Chocolate Lover's Confession

6) The lovely Vivanne @ Vivanne's Vista


7) Senorita Carolina @ Adventures with Hayden

These are just some of the most awesome blogs that I follow!!! They vary in content ~ some share with their readers their Wedding Planning Process, some share their personal lives, some share the documentation of their pregnancies, while others share just

If you get a moment, check out some of these blogs. They're wonderful!

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Aww, thanks Shelli! I appreciate the blog love :)

  2. I am following from Mom Bloggers the google friend group, wow, how did you change from criminal justice to cake decoration? Great blog by the way...

  3. Jo ~ I've been decorating cakes for YEARS. In the course of my career and schooling, and then career again, I find that I have way less stress with baking than I do behind a desk doing any type of legal work for 40+ hours a week. :)

  4. Shelli, did I forget to thank you for this award? I swear I have been in a fog lately, you must forgive me! I was trying to catch up with my bloggy friends, and realized I somehow managed to miss this one.Mea Culpa. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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