Friday, October 30, 2009

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

So, I believe we have decided on these for the gals to carry! :) I will of course have to cut the stems down then wrap with a thick ribbon. I think they look cute and will go great with their dresses!!

I'm still debating on my bouquet though. I really like this one, but I'm not too sure yet. I love the Lily's that are in there, but I'm still looking for something that catches my eye a little more than this one here. Not too sure.

As far as the guys bout's, I'm having a difficult time finding something that will go good with their white shirts. I can't find a plain fushia colored flower that will look good in a bout. I kinda wanted to order all of the flowers together at one time, but I believe I'm running into a problem in doing this. So....... I may have to forgoe that thought process. :)

I bought my first Apothecary Jar from Michael's today. My thought process for this is as follows: I am going to use Apothecary jars for my Candy Buffet. If I buy one a month until March, I'll have 6 of them. I don't think I'll need more than 6 since I will also be having small "lily" bowls as well. And, at Michael's, I can use their 40 or 50% off coupons. Like today... I bought the Apothecary Jar with a 50% off coupon and only paid $8.12 out the door! Sweet! This is what it looks like!

I'd say I am off to a good start for this upcoming weekend with regard to everything Wedding Related!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

24 More Mondays

Thanks to a fellow Destination Wedding Knottie, she has gotten me on this Counting Monday's kick. So, officially, as of today, I have 24 more Monday's before we leave on our Cruise. In fact, exactly 25 Mondays from today, we will be on the Carnival Elation setting sail for our 5 day, 4 night cruise! :) So, it also means 24 more Wednesdays before we get married! Woo Hoo!

My goal for this week is to get the following done:

* Bouquets selected for bridal party and order;
* Decide if we're going to DIY the Bouts; if not, order them w/ the Bouquets;
* Finish up the Ceremony Wording (forgot to add the ring exchange in there);
* Find ceremony music for the flute and send to Gina (flutist);
* Work on both California and Minnesota Reception Menus;
* Hand deliver the rest of the MIB's that need to be handed out;
* Re-organize my Bridal Binder;

And I'm sure there will be more added to this list as I remember. Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 MONTHS!!!!!

6 Months from today I will be on Catalina Island getting married. Who would have ever thought? Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY! I'm so excited, elated, stressed, and all of the above!!

Yesterday I received the Tea Light Lanterns that I purchased from a former Knottie. :) Here's what they look like. The ones I got were the white ones. I'm so excited! :) I'm trying to decide if I am going to use them for just one or both of the receptions. I'm thinking I will do both. I'll just have to pack and ship them ahead of time to Minnesota after our California reception so I don't have to take them with me on Airplane! :) I have 20 of them, and I'm not sure if I'm going to use them all, but we'll see!

Ah... but let's not forget... I also have these Small Square Votives as well...... So I'm wondering if maybe I have too much?!? I suppose not. I'm sure it will all come together in the end. In fact I know it will.
Can you even believe it?!?!? 6 freaking months. That is it. That is all the time I have left to plan. What?!? I've been told that the time is going to FLY by. WHAT?????

Monday, October 19, 2009

T- Minus 184

What a wacko of a week!! I am very glad to say that one of my ladies bought her BM dress, and the other two have ordered it on line and will be getting it shortly! Yay! I still have to get Elyssa's dress though ~ I'm not sure if I'll get the same exact one yet or not. We shall see!

I have a ton of little things I want to get done this week. First and foremost, I want to get our den cleaned up and de-cluttered! I've thrown so much wedding related things in here and it's totally unorganized. So, my goal for the next couple of days is to go through all these boxes of WR stuff and organize it! AHR stuff, Welcome Bags and contents, Ceremony stuff, DIY projects stuff, etc. I work so much better when everything is organized so I'm thinking this is why I've been so discombobulated in my planning!

Here's a list of DIY projects I want to do: (keep in mind said list will only get bigger)

* Tags for the Welcome Bags
* Door Hangers for the Cabins
* Labels for snacks/goodies in the Welcome Bags
* Monogramed Aisle Runner (????)
* Bouts
* Welcome Letter
* Palm Fans (?????)
* Crossword Puzzle for Welcome Bags
* Sand Ceremony Frames

And here's a list from memory that I still have to do: (keep in mind there are a ton of other things I can't seem to remember at this moment)

* Complete Ceremony wording (which I thought I had done, but forgot some important parts)
* Find Ceremony music for our Flutist
* Make appointment to have wedding dress hemmed
* Get menu for both AHR's finalized
* Order my bouquet
* Order BM's bouquets
* Decide on whether or not we're going to have a Candy Buffet for sure and if so:
- Purchase the bowls for the candies
- Decide on what to use for guests to take these home in (ie: take out boxes or bags)
- Decide on what type of candies to have
* If not going with the Candy Buffet, decide on what to have for a Favor
* Decide on whether or not to have B-Pics done
* Get marriage licence (no earlier than January 25th to be on the safe side)

And millions and millions of other things!!! The next 6 months will absolutely fly by!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Candy Buffet

This is my Candy Buffet Inspriation Board!

I want to do a Candy Buffet at both of my AHR's. I think it's a wonderful idea and would be great as favors for our guests! I know for our California reception, we will have lots of kids attending so this will be fun for them.
Our Minnesota reception is adults only, however I think if I have "retro" candies, it may be fun.
I'm not sure what to use for the guest to take home their candies in, but I'm guessing it'll either be "take-out" boxes, or a decorated cellophane bag with a twist tie. Any suggestions?!?
For others who are thinking about doing this at their reception and/or party, here's a couple of articles I found that are very helpful for me with regard as to "how much candy" to buy.

Both of these articles contain tons of information that will be useful!!

These are the jars / bowls that I'm aiming for in my Candy Buffet:

I would prefer the majority of the bowls to not have the "stem" or "base" on them. I found the kind that I like back in Minnesota, however, I didn't get them. They were only $1.99 and I should have grabbed them while I was there, but I wasn't thinking!!

I'm hoping I'll be able to find them for that same cheap price again!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Bridesmaid" Dresses

Well, this is the dress that we've chosen for the girls to wear. I really, really like it. I know they say that Black isn't an appropriate color to wear in weddings, but oh well. We all like this dress, and it's about what I want anyway right?!?!

The dresses below are dresses that I want to get for the Cruise ~ Monday night is the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, Tuesday night is the Formal/Captian's Dinner!!

I can't wait until this Cruise, I can't even begin to tell you all!!!
I'm actually getting things done and checked off my list slowly but surely.
I am confident that the Ceremony part is nearly all taken care of with the exception of finishing up the ceremony wording along with my vows... which by the way is so not fair!
Brian is the one who wants to write our own vow's, not me!!
And I also have to pick out the ceremony music for his niece! She will be playing the flute
as the bridal party is "walking down the aisle". Woo Hoo!
I also need to get my dress altered, but I am trying to wait until at least February.... hopefully I'll lose a little more weight by then ~ although I won't be getting any taller, so we'll definitely have to hem it for sure!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More to share!!

So, I tried to create my Photo Share Cards and Wedding Day Timeline. Clearly I failed. Not that they didn't look good because they did. They just didn't look good enough for me. I requested the help from a fellow DW Knottie and I am so very thankful to her for doing these for me. :) Here is what they look like ~ Please keep in mind that for some reason, the color is off. Where it's "greenish" it's actually a Caribbean Blue color and the "pinkish/purple" is actually a Fushia color.

And here's a picture of the Wedding Day Timeline. Again, the color's are off here as well.

I am extremely pleased at how these turned out!

These will both be put in the Welcome Bags for our guests that are cruising with us. And additional PhotoShare Cards will be placed at various tables throughout both of the At Home Receptions.

I seem to have finally grasp control on this wedding stuff. I'd been feeling a bit overwhelmed the past couple of weeks, actually months, but I think I've got it dialed in. Slowly but surely everything is falling into place. With the Holidays coming up really quick, I know we'll lose some days, if not weeks of planning ~ or at least that's what I'm anticipating. We shall see.

I'm debating whether I want to tackle the job of DIY'ing a Monogrammed Aisle Runner. Do I really need one of those?!? I'm not so sure that we do. But it's something I think would be fun to make. :)

Maybe a Banner instead of an Aisle Runner? Ahhh, who knows. For now I think I'm "under control" when it comes to wedding related stuff. I'm going to concentrate on the Reception stuff now..... that seems to be where the work needs to be done. Coming up with Menu's (that sounds official) when in all actuality we're having casual buffet style foods / set up at both AHR's!

I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

T minus 198

Yes, my son likes to throw in a cheezy grin every now and then! :) I am blessed to have these two older ones as my kiddo's. My youngest one, who is not pictured here, will be 13 in a couple of weeks, and let me tell you, she's taller than me also. What is wrong with this ~ as your children get older, they surpass you in growth? Hmmmm
Well, today marks the 198 days left mark. I'm so excited, however I am slowyly but surely getting to feel stressed out too. I have a list of "little" things that need to get done, but since they're "little" I tell myself I can do it later... Ha! I suppose it's those 'little' things that will haunt me in the end, so I better get my butt in gear and do what I need to do!! At this point, I think the most important thing for me to do is to find the ceremony song(s) and get that list to Brian's niece who is going to be playing her flute for the ceremony!!! She needs time to practice, so you would think it'd be so easy to pick a song or two and viola ~ done ~ but it simply doesn't work that way! Geeze!!!
So, I'm going to let my fingers do the walking on this information superhighway that we call the Internet, and I'm going to find a couple of songs that I like.
Happy Monday everyone!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a fun day!!

We got to go to the last home game of the San Francisco Giant's 2009 season! Woo Hoo! We had a wonderful time and it was very hot!! Unexpected for San Francisco but truly welcoming!!! And as a wonderful surprise, I finally got my ring!!!! Little did I know that mister sneaky little devil was holding out on me. He's had this ring for over three months!!! All the while, we were still "looking" for rings!